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- October 9, 2019 -

Happy 109 Day!

To commemorate “Wanoku Day,” I’ve got a new interview for you all! This time, I had the pleasure of talking with graphic designer KENTA MORI. Check out the interview here!

Honda also surprised us with a behind-the-scenes movie of how the ONE OK ROCK x Honda Power Products commercial was filmed as well as some new images. They can be found on the GVP website.

And as if that wasn’t enough, NHK announced that they will be broadcasting a 1-hour documentary about ONE OK ROCK’s World Tour on October 19 at 11PM, Japan time! This will be the second time that the band has appeared on the network, the first time being for the 18 Fes. program. Check this page for a special message from the band and a short commercial. Unfortunately it is not likely that the program will be available outside Japan.

- September 26, 2019 -

MAX’s Lights Down Low (feat. Taka from ONE OK ROCK) is now out!!! Listen here on YouTube!

I personally think this is one of the best collaborations to date. The song works so well with Taka’s vocals, and his voice really meshes well with MAX’s. Taka never ceases to amaze me with his beautiful voice.

Also updated the website so that the track samples on each of the lyrics pages are through Apple Music instead of Spotify.

- September 21, 2019 -

It is my wish that this site become the best source for information available in English for ONE OK ROCK so today I’ve added a couple new articles: a guide to PRIMAL FOOTMARK and a guide to OOR concerts in Japan! I hope these articles will be useful to those who wish to join PF or go see the band in Japan.

Check out the new guides here!

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