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- December 7, 2020 -

Happy 32nd birthday, Toru!!

Check out these birthday posts from his fellow band members: Taka, Ryota, and Tomoya. Here is Toru’s post as well.

- September 6, 2020 -

ONE OK ROCK just announced that the BD/DVD of Eye of the Storm Japan Tour will be released on October 28! Similar to the Dome and orchestra releases, it will include a 100-page booklet with photos, commentary, live reports, etc. The maker bonus is an A4-sized clear file of the cover.

Pre-order your copy here!!

BD w/bonus – https://amzn.to/2F80HGb
BD w/o bonus – https://amzn.to/336JHI7
DVD w/bonus – https://amzn.to/33257WV
DVD w/o bonus – https://amzn.to/336tNO2

- September 4, 2020 -

Happy 31st birthday, Ryota!!

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