Interview with Rob Herrera, On-Camera Music Host

Being a fan of a relatively niche band is tough, and even more so when they’re not from your country. We appreciate anyone who can bring us new content in a language we can understand, and Rob Herrera of Front Row Live Ent. is one such person. His interactions with ONE OK ROCK over the years has helped bring us closer to the band.

Let’s learn a little more about Rob!

Rob Herrera


Thank you so much for this opportunity. Please tell us a little about yourself and how you started Front Row Live Ent., formally known as PUNKVIDEOSROCK.

RH: Thank you for wanting to interview me and taking the time to make this happen. I am Rob Herrera, an on-camera music host in Los Angeles. I love interviewing my favorite bands and artists and talking about their creative process. I don’t like to talk about gossip, just music.

I first started PUNKVIDEOSROCK in 2006. I wanted an excuse to work with my favorite bands, New Found Glory, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance and also wanted to somehow be a part of Vans Warped Tour. I successfully interviewed my favorite bands and did interviews on Warped Tour for 11 years. I wanted to expand to all genres so I started Front Row Live Ent. in 2011. Since then I have put PUNKVIDEOSROCK down and am doing all of my interviews on Front Row Live Ent.

Are there any special preparations you do for each of your interviews? Do you approach certain interviews differently?

I really love spending time on my research. Every artist is different so I always do my best to set up my questions specifically for that artist. My number one rule is that I have to be a fan of their music in order to schedule an interview or else the interview would not be genuine.

All the artists you interview look to be very comfortable around you. How do you help make them feel at ease and build relationships?

I honestly think that because I spend my time researching and know about their music and them it makes it easier for them to open up to me because they see I genuinely care and am a fan. I also don’t talk about gossip or drama, I only talk about their music and creative process. Many artists have thanked me for that and have offered me interviews every time I ask.

How does it feel to get to regularly chat with all these amazing music artists?

I still think I’m in a dream. I’ve been blessed with this opportunity and I never take it for granted.

Music fans probably think you have the greatest job in the world. I’m sure it’s not all roses though, so what are some of the most difficult hardships you’ve faced on the job?

Some of the hardships have been last minute cancellations because of change of schedules, only having 5 minutes for an interview because of schedules, not having any time for interviews during certain tours and lately I’ve been having issues with various interviews around the same time slot.

Do you have a particularly memorable interview that you’d like to share?

Well I always LOVE reuniting with ONE OK ROCK. The guys are so down to earth and so energetic. But I also love my last interview with Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory) on PUNKVIDEOSROCK and love my BTS interview as well as my Logic interview on Front Row Live Ent.

Let’s talk a little bit about ONE OK ROCK. How did you first discover them? What was it like meeting and interviewing them for the first time?

I first found out about ONE OK ROCK when Warped Tour announced them in 2013. I checked out their music online and instantly fell in love even though I didn’t understand their lyrics. When I met them at the Warped Tour Kick Off they were so shy and happy that I genuinely wanted to interview them. I feel like we instantly clicked with each other then.

What do you think makes ONE OK ROCK appealing to worldwide audiences?

Their passion for music really shows. When you see them live you instantly become a fan because they know how to entertain their fans.

Your first interview with the band was in 2014, I believe, and your latest one was last year when they were in LA. Did you notice any changes in those five years?

Absolutely! My first interview with them we had a translator and they were very shy. Over the years they were more comfortable and Taka’s English was surprising! I loved that in my last interview Taka was a lot more talkative because he was comfortable with his English.

Which is your favorite interview with the band?

I think my favorite with them was my first because it was the whole band.

Oh, were you not able to talk to the entire band in subsequent interviews?

Unfortunately, the label wouldn’t schedule the band much. I’m not sure if it was due to English or not. I loved speaking with Taka but it would be great to talk to all of them again.

I’m sure your interview with Linkin Park where you name dropped OOR surprised everyone, and I don’t think it’d be too much of an exaggeration to say that their close relationship today is thanks to you. How do you feel about that?

This also felt like a dream until Taka said it in our last interview that I made the Linkin Park and OOR relationship happen. It’s seriously unreal but I am so thankful that Taka was able to meet and collaborate with Chester. He always mentioned him and how he is a big fan. 

Rob name drops ONE OK ROCK during Linkin Park interview (3:03)
Taka thanks Rob for mentioning OOR to LP all those years ago (9:53)

Who would you like to see ONE OK ROCK collaborate with in the future?

That’s a tough one! For sure Ed Sheeran! Possibly Billie Eilish, Yungblud, Gryffin, Machine Gun Kelly and The 1975. I know I know but I feel these collaborations would be amazing. Shall we team up to make it happen?


We all appreciate your efforts to promote ONE OK ROCK within the Western music industry. What are some things you think regular fans can do to support them and help get their name out there?

It always helps promoting their new music, videos and tours. The more fans would post about them the more eyes will see the name and start to do the same.

Do you keep in touch with the band when they’re not on tour? Outside of work, do you get any opportunities to hang out with them when they’re in town?

Unfortunately, we don’t. We’ll message on social media here and there but we’ve kept it pretty professional. I’ve always been scared of building relationships with artists and then hindering the interviews because I know too much.

Lastly, I can’t let you go without asking this: What is your favorite ONE OK ROCK song?

Ahhhh! I was afraid of this question because there’s so many masterpieces to choose from! I find myself listening to “Hard To Love” a lot. It’s such a beautiful song and I really love how vulnerable Taka’s voice is. “Ending Story??” was the first song I ever heard of them so it holds a very special place in my heart.

Any final words for the readers?

Thank you for being interested in interviewing me and THANK YOU so much for continuing to support every interview I have done with OOR. I love this band and will do my best to continue to promote them with other fans and artists.


取材させていただきありがとうございます。自己紹介とFront Row Live Ent.(旧:PUNKVIDEOSROCK)について教えてください。


大好きなバンドのニュー・ファウンド・グローリー、ザ・ユーズド、テイキング・バック・サンデイ、マイ・ケミカル・ロマンスと一緒に何かをしたく、そしてヴァンズワープドツアーともどうしても関わりたくて、実現させる口実として2006年にPUNKVIDEOSROCKを始めた。憧れのバンドをインタビューできるようになり、11年間ワープドツアーで取材をしてきた。他のジャンルとも色々やりたかったから2011年にFront Row Live Ent.を始めた。それからはPUNKVIDEOSROCKをリタイアさせ、以降のインタビューを全部Front Row Live Ent.として投稿している。










ONE OK ROCKとのインタビューはもちろん大好き。みんなすごくオープンで明るい。その他にはPUNKVIDEOSROCKでジョーダン・パンディク(ニュー・ファウンド・グローリー)との最後のインタビューとか、Front Row Live Ent.でのBTSロジックのインタビューもお気に入り。

では、ONE OK ROCKについてお話ししましょう。彼らの音楽との出会いのきっかけは?初めて会って、インタビューしたのはいかがだったでしょうか?

2013年のワープドツアーの出演発表でONE OK ROCKのことを初めて知った。ネットで彼らの音楽をチェックしてみて、歌詞が理解できなくても、一瞬で惹きつけられた。ワープドツアーキックオフで初めて会った時、彼らはあまりにもシャイで、僕がインタビューしたかったことが純粋に嬉しそうだった。一瞬で馬が合ったと思う。

ONE OK ROCKは何故世界中の人を惹きつけると思いますか?










リンキン・パークをインタビュー中にワンオクの名前を出すロブさん (3:03)
リンキンをインタビュー中にワンオクの名前を出したロブさんを感謝するTaka (9:53)

今後はONE OK ROCKが誰とコラボして欲しいですか?

難しい質問だね!エド・シーランはもちろん!あとはビリー・アイリッシュとか、ヤングブラッドとか、グリフィンとか、マシンガン・ケリーとか、The 1975とか。分かった分かった。でもこういうコラボは絶対すごい。協力して実現させようか?


ロブさんがいつもONE OK ROCKを洋楽業界でPRしてくださっていることを、ファンはみんなとても感謝しています。バンドの名前を広めるために、一般ファンはどうやってサポートできると思いますか?




そしてやはり聞かなければなりません。一番好きなONE OK ROCKの曲は何ですか?

あああーー!やっぱり来たね。神曲が多すぎて選べないよ!「Hard to Love」をよく聴いている。素晴らしい曲で、脆さを感じさせるTakaの声が大好き。そして「Ending Story??」は初めて聞いたワンオク曲だから自分にとって特別な曲だね。



Rob Herrera and Taka (2017)

Thank you so much for your time, Rob! Be sure to check out his awesome interviews on YouTube at Front Row Live Ent. and PUNKVIDEOSROCK, and follow him on Instagram at @robertherrera3!