We are [Official Video from “Ambitions” JAPAN TOUR] MC Translation

I’m sure everyone has seen by now the amazing edit of the performance of We are from the Ambitions JAPAN TOUR on the official ONE OK ROCK YouTube channel. There is an MC in the middle of the song and Taka gives the audience an inspirational speech. Here is a translation of what he said.

“Don’t ever think anything ridiculous like wanting to become someone else. You are only yourself. Don’t put the blame on someone and run away from your dreams. Take a good look at yourself. Tame your anxiety. You are capable of so many things, you got that? Try putting your hand on your heart and think hard about what you want to do most. You will surely be able to accomplish it starting tomorrow.” (2:40~3:05)

If you haven’t already, make sure to also check out the translation of the lyrics to We are.